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Odin Frame Photo Creator

Frame Photo Creator looks like popular photo sticker booth not only enable you to edit ,print, and manipulate digital
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18 May 2013

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This is a software application that will let you edit, print and jazz up digital photos.

Frame Photo Creator will enable you to edit, print, and manipulate digital photos. You can improve photo quality and even take photos on your home PC. Frame Photo Creator software has a photo mode and digital camera mode. It can let you take photos like a digital camera. The software also offers a range of different backgrounds or photo frames. These include flowers, grass, ocean, cartoon, animals so that you can dress up the photographs the way you want. The interface is very simple and can be operated through clicking on a few icons only. Thus it should be operable by anyone in your family. That should ease your worry somewhat when burdened with a bunch of digital images that could do with some spiced up before showing off to others. Photos can be edited in the tool that can alter the color spread, adjust hues, enhance or reduce sharpness, RGB values, and the usual flip and rotate features too.

The editor helps you add clip art, photo background, emoticons etc. to enhance the photos before getting them printed. You can start the complete process by taking the picture to start with. The tool will detect if the PC has a webcam and capture frames to give you the feel of a digital camera. Use it to capture very close portraits. So, if you needed a portable photo studio at home that can be operated even by your children and then polish them up, here is a very handy tool indeed.

Publisher's description

Frame Photo Creator looks like popular photo sticker booth not only enable you to edit ,print, and manipulate digital photos to improve photo quality but also can take photos on your home PC .So we also call it photo sticker,sticky photo,frame photo editor,big-head photo maker,photo booth software.
Frame Photo Creator software has photo mode and digital camera mode .It can let you take photos like digital camera.And It offers you kinds of different backgrounds(frames),for example, flowers,grass, ,the ocean ,cartoon ,animals to help you take colorful photos.Then you can combine the photos after you took.Before you print it out or save in the computer,you also can edit the photos in photo editor by altering the color of the photos,adjusting hues, sharpness, RGB color, flip and rorate photos.And you also can add base pictures and some funny face like cute face expression on the photos.
It also enables you to import frame,photo background,funny expressions and photo on your PC.So People also can edit their photos according to their preferences,just selecting different frames from thousands of choices, and enter the photo editor to change the photo style and then the result photos can be great to express their personality.
It is a all-in-one and professional digital camera tool.With this digital photo software, you don't go to sticker machine shop any more to customize their digital photos .It can totally be done by the home users themselves, just facing their PC with their friends, by just pushing a few buttons, it will be done and having great fun.And if you have a photo need to edit,just import the photos and then change the frame of the photos,alter the color of the photos quickly and easily,adjust hues, sharpness, and add decorations until you are satisfied.Frame Photo Creator is very popular among teenagers and now has become a great helper for capturing the funniest moments in life.
Odin Frame Photo Creator
Odin Frame Photo Creator
Version 9.8.4
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